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Geologic Time Scale part 3

JLB on 2. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Geologic Time Scale part 3
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    Also around 480 mya: The first Vertebrates appeared. And: The first green plants and fungi appeared. ? 450 mya: The Andean Saharan Ice age began. AND: The Appalachian Mountains began to form. 443 mya: Gondwana was covered by Glaciers 420 mya: The Andean Saharan Ice Age ended. AND: The first fish with jaws appeared. Along with the first insects (How Horrid) 416 mya: The first ferns and seed bearing plants developed. Leading to the first Forrests. 375 mya: The first vertebrates with legs appeared. Including the first Amphibians.

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  • Blacklung 8.3.2010
    How long did it take you to do this strip? If feel like I just got a rundown of the history of earth for the past million years. This strip is pretty cool. I feel like you put a lot of time into this.
  • storeyz1658 3.3.2010
    Very ambitious, taking on all of geological history in a comic... Thumbs up. This reminds me of Kubrick's 2001. I'm impressed. Panels five and ten have especially nice imagery. I like how you've captured primordial images with simple icons. This lends the strip a nice irony.
  • bluesockmonkey 3.3.2010
    reunite Gondwana!!!

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