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ホラ Fuji-san ホラ

wich on 1. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

ホラ Fuji-san ホラ
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  • MadameCercle 3.3.2010
    * * *
  • Netrunner 3.3.2010
    That looks great.
  • jZeno 1.3.2010
    ...Constant as the clouds that feedeth
    All thy cooling springs and fountains!
    Loved, sereneful as thy people,
    That, adoring, gather round thee,
    Worshipful and ever grateful
    For thy majesty and presence!

    From Fujiyama... a poem from "Omar And Fitzgerald And Other Poems" by John G. Jury
  • Maoriman 1.3.2010
    Great image but why ホラ?
  • Dorota 1.3.2010
  • zodiac6 1.3.2010
    good job...
  • Spunkn 1.3.2010
  • bluesockmonkey 1.3.2010
  • JRMarklin 1.3.2010
    Simple sample, like it
  • mariofsa20 1.3.2010
  • Ambrosius77 1.3.2010
    Where the pines speak with the waters
    Of the great and mighty ocean,
    And the voices of the waters
    Answer to the forest whispers;
    Where the stately cryptomerias
    Stand like proud and watchful sentries,
    Guarding, with the firs and cedars,
    Countless shrines and hallowed temples
    Hid away *neath leaf and blossom;
    There thou standest, Fujiyama,
    Captain of Calm s great battalions!
    Glorious as the Lord of morning
    That ascendeth through yon gateway
    Pillared eastward on the ocean!

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