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Wolf-Knight Manga - Page 1

jZeno on 1. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Wolf-Knight Manga - Page 1
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    Wolf Knight Manga - Test Page 1

    Text: Frame 3: Clop…Clop…[Hoof Sound FX]
    Frame 6: Hmmm…That’s an unusual plant.
    Frame 7: BLEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! [Evil Tree Creature Noise]

    Text bug prevented all text. But not a lot of text in this one ] Its mostly just a test of the WK manga design. I’m really into classic shonen adventure manga like 3x3 eyes or Nausicaa. So I am sticking with the classic panel format rather than the more modern style.

    Im sorry to say though, Im not sure if I can keep up this series without the library. When I do this now, I have to re-draw every single element (Horse, Swords, Trees, Body parts, etc.) all from scratch which takes a long time. And I want to draw a detailed manga so it takes forever. When I have the library it will be much easier. Sorry! So I might just draw random scenes from the manga, but not the actual series itself till we get the library back. I may draw page here and there as I can pull it off. It takes a lot of time.

    To everyone that contributed a character to wolf-knight (Streetin, Spunkn, KennyReid, Maoriman, Neko, Dorota, FlamingDeath, others) your characters will appear soon…

    Anyway, thanks for reading : ]

    wolf knight, sketch, demon
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  • Elgar 17.5.2010
    This is wonderful. Pretty hilarious work. It's very interesting
  • 21o7 9.3.2010
    looks nice:)can't wait for the series
  • terwallace 3.3.2010
    I feel you on the library. Missing it big time. Still, awesome start to the series!
  • Flamingdeath 3.3.2010's gonna be hard for all of us to do any series where we have to recreate over and over.Don't give up!
  • MadameCercle 2.3.2010
    Très belle page ...
  • kennyreid 2.3.2010
    so so so awesome, and a destinctive style
  • romygv 2.3.2010
    I really like the trees and the pink sky.
  • Maoriman 2.3.2010
    Congratz on Bribed
  • Flash 2.3.2010
    Sweet. Congrtz on bribed!!
  • Spunkn 2.3.2010
    Congrats on bribed! Your work has paid off!
  • bluesockmonkey 2.3.2010
    you've been Bribed--now you owe us the complete series!!! congrats!!
  • dawg123 1.3.2010
    WOW really cool and that sucks that the library isnt working so you dont have to start all over
  • Dorota 1.3.2010
    I like the penultimate panel.
  • bluesockmonkey 1.3.2010
    oooo love the horse!! and this series will have great atmosphere...
  • JRMarklin 1.3.2010
    Bien jZ, por eso yo trato de realizar figuras y strips sencillos, sin la librería toma mucho tiempo
  • Val 1.3.2010
    very good. *_*
  • Ambrosius77 1.3.2010
    Fantastic nature. Evil bugz.
  • SnakeYukin 1.3.2010
    Evil plant... burn with fire!
  • lamp 1.3.2010
    no 3x3 eyes.... oh no!
    Ok how about crying freeman or better still Wolf..sorry I mean Lupin III?
    Awesome strip ;D
  • Streetin 1.3.2010
    Is that a poop monster? :D Good job on this! I love the scenery!

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