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Honesty strip 1 - poetry

RetroCat on 27. Feb, 2010 — Lang: English

Honesty strip 1 - poetry
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    Alright, i am determined to keep using SG. So an idea struck me to start an honesty series. It will be personal, but it's my way of tinkering with the new SG without trying for something big and getting frustrated when it doesn't come so easily.

    Hope you enjoy my exploration!



    These dreams escape me... Maybe if i... I haven't been able to write poetry like I did in high school. I feel like i lost the ability along the way. I keep trying, but i always end up giving up and drawing all over the paper.

    honesty, drawing, ability
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  • abrotons 27.4.2013
    to all you who think that a banner and a title in SG is important
    how can you get points?
    publishing a strip = 0 points
    doing a reply = 0 points
    sending a message = 0 points
    getting a new favourite = 0 points
    clicking a like in somebody's strip = 1 point
    commenting somebody's strip= 8 points

    if anybody knows another way to get points, please tell me
  • Flamingdeath 15.3.2010
    Don't give up!Quit for 10 minutes and then go back to doing whatever it is that you were
  • FCRprint2K10 2.3.2010
    doodling is a free form art
  • Robukka 2.3.2010
    What a start, what aseries +
  • jZeno 28.2.2010
    good to see you retro cat.. good luck with your writing : ]

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