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300 Jedi are not enough

Ambrosius77 on 26. Feb, 2010 — Lang: English

300 Jedi are not enough
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    Ok Girz and Guyz I think I have found the solution. Do not use Chrome browser... With Firefox I have no problem with speed and strange characters in textboxes. I have a strip that consists almost 5000 objects, blur and still run pretty well. I can move those object in good speed from one place to other. Blur can cause some speed problems, but FFox handle it pretty well to.

    Well things get seriously slow in Firefox too beyond 5000 objects...
    Ok guys, needs some more improvement in speed. I have almost killed this engine. On the publish screen the whole browser halted when I wrote in the title. I have Chrome, but Safari could have been killed whit this "simple" strip... Seriously, this engine still not good to make epic battles.

    I just tried to play with shapes and basic comic character creation. I am awfully bad in that. I've spent a lot time for nothing...

    This strip is a reply to RECYCLED ZEK
    Ambrosius77, SG 1.5, test, Jedi
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