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Avian Summoner - Pairaya

jZeno on 26. Feb, 2010 — Lang: English

Avian Summoner - Pairaya
  • Description

    Wolf-Knight – Character Profiles
    Avian Summoner/”Bird Witch” – Pairaya

    This is an imge of something few humans would ever see in Ryadai. A Bird witch summoning bird spirits from plant matter. These are not copies of animals, they are full flesh and blood creatures who can act as her helpers or eyes as need be. All of the animals that one might encounter might be familiars…that is to say, in the service of another, stronger spirit. Or they might just be regular animals. Caution is required.

    Pairaya is over 3,000 years old. She has lived in the darkest regions of the forest and knows it well. She may well know the origin of the demonic Saesidru, but her thoughts are her own. What her role is in the drama of the demonic forest only time will tell.

    Don’t ever call her a bird witch directly. It is a term used by villagers who are afraid of her. Purely for no reason.


    wolf-knight, prologue, characters
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  • Roly2010 12.4.2010
    Another Masterpiece
  • apollo77 4.3.2010
  • abrotons 28.2.2010
    Your work is just great.
  • mariofsa20 27.2.2010
    perfect, great creaty!
  • TheDuke94 27.2.2010
  • dawg123 26.2.2010
    Woa shes 3,000 years old and she still looks like that!!
  • Maoriman 26.2.2010
    Good stuff and the birds are great...
  • Dorota 26.2.2010
    as always beautiful :)
  • kennyreid 26.2.2010
    having another look, grand
  • terwallace 26.2.2010
    When 3000 years old you reach, look as good you will not! Excellent work. And she's not bad for being 3000 years old...:)
  • JRMarklin 26.2.2010
    I have an idea about paint some birds ... your are superb
  • zodiac6 26.2.2010
    ok is it me or is she waitin for the boids to return her skirt,dress,pants...fig just kiddin usual you seem to grasp an idea and put it to good use...
  • bluesockmonkey 26.2.2010
    her hair looks so soft you could touch it--but watch out for those horns!
  • SnakeYukin 26.2.2010
    Some unique birds.
  • Netrunner 26.2.2010
    Awesome. And the birds are superbs.
  • Streetin 26.2.2010
    Might come in handy...
  • badassinua 26.2.2010
  • MadameCercle 26.2.2010
    Encore un grand tableau.
  • kennyreid 26.2.2010
    whhaaaaaaat? thats cracking, love the burds
  • DepresiveNeko 26.2.2010

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