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Thinking Outside The Bawk

Pen_alias on 21. Feb, 2010 — Lang: English

Thinking Outside The Bawk
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    Here's hoping Spunkn doesn't mind me using the Hypno-Kitty for my own evil purposes...

    This strip is a reply to Subliminal Messaging



    Chicken jokes are funny... Chicken jokes ARE funny... Obey the Hypno-Kitty!

    Chicken, Hypno-kitty
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  • bluesockmonkey 21.2.2010
    even Hypno-Kitty cannot make me believe that...

  • jZeno 21.2.2010
    see i told you, hypno kitty is the ultimate salesman : ]
  • Ambrosius77 21.2.2010
  • Spunkn 21.2.2010
    Chicken jokes are funny! Please tell me another "why the chicken crossed the road" joke! Hilarious chicken jokes... I must obey!
  • elascenso 21.2.2010
    Hypno kittie!!!!!!
  • zodiac6 21.2.2010
    i didnt think chicken jokes were funny until just now...hmmmm i wonder why????

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