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BRONSON; the man; the myth; the celebraty

kennyreid on 20. Feb, 2010 — Lang: English

BRONSON; the man; the myth; the celebraty
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    well then, here he is for those that dont know, this is charlie bronson (took the name of the american actor as a fighting name), he is britians most notorious, expensive and famous prisoner....

    he was jailed for 7 year for robbing a post office, but has remained in prision for 37 years, 30 of them in solitary confindment. he has been moved from prision to prision -sorry; hotels as he calls them- where he constantly takes hostages, causes riots and fights the guards. He was placed in mental asylums where he fought and eventually caused a riott that cost the government 10s of millions in damages, he was declared sane and kicked out, just to get rid of him. in the 69 days he was released, he became the countrys best bare fist fighter, taking challenges such as fighting several blood thirsty rockwielers, just to prove he could... arrested again he continued his extreme violence and fame seeking ways. he became an artist, his work sells for thousands of pound, which hes not allowed, he wrote autobiographies which are best sellers, he never saw any money. Now he is an old, yet extremely fit and strong man, locked in a cage, in a building alone, guarded around the clock, without the chance to see visitors....

    Now he is ready to stop, the prison system wont let him go....

    please try and track down a copy of the film of his life: Bronson staring Tom Hardy, it is superbly acted, well made, fantastic music, oscar worthy stuff (BANNED FROM THE OSCARS BECAUSE HE GOT A MESSAGE OUT FOR THE FILM, SIGNING OFF WITH: "see you at the oscars")

    you will not believe what you see, and its true.

    the man
    the myth
    the celebraty

    Very hard to make, its an experimental piece using the frames to make the effect of prison bars, its not based on the man himself, rather the man who played him in the film, an incredible achievement (pubquiz note: the actor played the baddy in Star Trek Nemisis, the young Picard clone) it took him 6 week to get that big... serious workout time there!!!

    and yes, it is the pic im currently using as my avatar

    This strip is a reply to The Knight, Ong Bak tribute, Hope can set you free, the future, Thinking Man; KjReid, -2/arnold-schwarzenegger-training.jpg, In the window?, Claustrophobia, Windows Crash, The Birds, The cell, Schwarzenegger; unfinshed failure, Dark shadow, I'm yout fear !, I did my best...



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