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Le maître

Netrunner on 18. Feb, 2010 — Lang: Français

Le maître
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    Translation for english friends :
    Title : The master

    « _ I have some times. I'm gonna do an exceptional strip.
    _ Oh ! A new strip from Ambrosius77.
    _ Mouarf (try to translate that).
    _ I'm gonna make a little joke, quickly.
    _ I've got the cleaning to do. »



    J'ai du temps, je vais faire un strip exceptionnel. Oh ! Un nouveau strip d'Ambrosius77. MOOOUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAARFFFF Je vais créer une petite blague, vite fait. J'ai du ménage à faire. Netrunner 2010

    Netrunner, Humour, Ambrosius77
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  • Ninjo 30.7.2010
    Décourageant, effectivement !
  • Netrunner 20.2.2010
    Thanks ! Merci !

    Oui, la prochaine fois je ferais comme ça, Madame Cercle.
  • kennyreid 20.2.2010
  • Streetin 20.2.2010
    I love his eyes in the second panel!
  • kennyreid 20.2.2010
    great layout
  • MadameCercle 19.2.2010
    Faut toujours faire ses strips avant de regarder ceux des autres.
    Et avant de faire son ménage. Sauf si on est Marguerite Duras, bien sûr.
  • MadameCercle 19.2.2010
    Bien vu.
  • Brezhoneg 19.2.2010
    Excellent !!!
  • Netrunner 18.2.2010
    I know Ambrosius. I'm not desperate has it's looks like on this strip. I'm just really impress with your work and I haven't time to do something in the same way. I try anyway :)
  • Ambrosius77 18.2.2010
    To tell the truth making "exceptional" strip is not too hard. You only need some time and a good computer.
    Look at this for example:
    Translating to your imagination an visions to an SG strip can be quite hard...
    Using SG shapes is like building SG from LEGO pieces.
  • Ambrosius77 18.2.2010
    :D I need some translation but I think I get it! :D

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