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Delicate Issues

HellishArt on 31. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

Delicate Issues
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    oh, you are Serbian! I am reading this comic about the war in Yugoslavia, 'Safe Area Gorazde'... what a mayhem! yep... mrr... gotta go. you always do the same! what? what do I always do. like when you told my iranian friend to go to the movie "300". Bah. People are too touchy. And to my german boss, when you told him to read the 'Mein Kampf' for 'inspiration'?!

    brute, babe, Serbia, tough, war, Bosnia, 300, Persia, Iran, german, Hitler
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  • matic 3.2.2010
    Haha, sounds like the story of my life. I always make these provocative comments/jokes. It filters out the easily offended people from my life. :)
  • MichaelHolloway 31.1.2010
    I have to admire someone with such a culturally diverse group of friends.

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