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A shooting star!

zanflango on 28. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

A shooting star!
  • Description

    Rob is excited to tell Tim about his new job.. as the start of a famous traveling show.



    Hey Tim, guess what? I’m going to a famous star in a traveling show! Yea, Right. You’ve got no acting ability! No way you’re a star. I am a star, the director said so. Who’s the director? Gunther von Hagen. Body worlds. I’m not sure what it’s about, but it’s world famous. Uhm.. what’s the show called? Hey, congratulations! You’ll be great I just know it.

    Rob, Tim
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  • bluesockmonkey 28.1.2010
    uh-oh (have you ever wondered if this director is related to Boris Karloff?)
  • jZeno 28.1.2010
    so he has a future as a dessicated display cadaver? we always knew he was good for something : ]

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