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Where are those Bugs?

Ambrosius77 on 28. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

Where are those Bugs?
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    UPDATE from Andraz
    Next update will be on wednesday, but it will not be anything major on the engine itself.The engine fix is coming in 14 days.


    There are still a few.
    - freezing glitch: check your Library item first. If you have hundred object that causing 80% of the freezing when creating strip. Simple delete them.
    - the massive multiplication of the saved objects: when you click save the object saved multiple times. That causing the massive freezing.
    - textbox glich (disappearing last lines): maybe the font size get larger when publishing, so the last words are disappeared. Make bigger textboxes
    - object move to front after publish bug (rare but the most annoying when your whole strip covered by a big red/black/blue background shape
    - invert bug I used it in this strip the strange background shapes are made by inverting the body of Red Son. Grouped object and avatars implode after invert
    - duplicate and invert bug: invert a black element then duplicate the white element, the duplicate goes black again. Can adressed by inverting and duplicating the duplicated object.
    -I found a new one:I cannot write text in textbox in this strip so I deleted them. Double click wont work.
    - selecting multiple items sometimes made the selection area border remains on screen. Does not effect the final strip though
    - the blur, zoom, opacity controls are hard to use. You need click on the control to release the mouse cursor sometimes.
    - etc comment here if you know one.

    There is no mean make million strips about that we are hateing bugs. Everyone hateing bug, especially the programmers!

    I was wrong that freezing glich annoying as hell. It is better a bit, but I have no patience shading the whole body 'till it not adressed.
    The character inspired by the comic Red Son written by Mark Millar. I've read it a week ago and thats an amazing alternative universe Superman story! Worth to read I tell!

    Ambrosius77, Red Son, Superman, bugs, SG 1.5
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  • NathanTo 11.12.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 15.10.2011
    Awesome!!!!!!!!! =)
  • gekon 25.7.2010
    great work my nigga
  • DAC0 16.7.2010
  • abrotons 26.4.2010
    I love this one
  • kennyreid 13.4.2010
    i missed this one
  • zodiac6 31.1.2010
    and out of the shadows came justice!... ; )
  • nelozo 30.1.2010
  • dawg123 29.1.2010
    O man that is soooo cool its like superman accept cooler
  • Ambrosius77 29.1.2010
    My SG still freezing but I detected the reason. When you add your friend object to the library on one other tab and You editing a strip on an other tab the engine check for new library object and load it to you. It is cool because U can use unlimited number of object this way but sucking because my whole editing window freeze for 5 sec. Need a refresh button I think and do not check anything when We creating a strip.
  • camilon 29.1.2010
  • Ambrosius77 29.1.2010
    UPDATE from Andraz
    Next update will be on wednesday, but it will not be anything major on the engine itself.The engine fix is coming in 14 days.
  • jZeno 29.1.2010
    gratz on bribed : ]
  • Streetin 29.1.2010
    How long did this take you to make!? It's amazing!!!!
  • MandyElectric505 29.1.2010
    GAH!!!!!!!!!! i <3 it!!1 its so cool!!! :D
  • vackor 28.1.2010
    zsííííííííííííííííííííírrrrrrrr :)
  • Flash 28.1.2010
    Awesome. Great work
  • Dorota 28.1.2010
       ¨°º¤ø„¸ SUPER ¸„ø¤º°¨
  • Spunkn 28.1.2010
    This is fantastic! I admire your patience!
  • jZeno 28.1.2010
    excellent work ambrosius! and great summary of the current bugz here in 1.5. its good to have them all lined up like this, just so we know where we are > ] will have to check out that comic, hadnt heard of it yet...

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