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Dragon Geisha(In Memoriam Freehand Masking)

Ambrosius77 on 15. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

Dragon Geisha(In Memoriam Freehand Masking)
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  • Brezhoneg 16.8.2010
    Great to see it again ^^
  • Flash 17.5.2010
    For out your talented!! :)
  • Marle 14.5.2010
    Agree with clh!
  • clh 13.5.2010
    probably the best work on SG
  • Kalmaster 27.4.2010
    brutal work
  • abrotons 26.4.2010
    yes, great
  • Babelincoln 26.4.2010
    Wow, you never cease to amaze. Awesome work
  • JRMarklin 25.4.2010
    In general, very well, and the shading looks more like a radiograph. (And I look like the picky bird).

    En general, está muy bien, y el sombreado parece mas bién una radiografía. ( Y yo parezco el pajaro criticón).
  • ErikaB 30.3.2010
    Fantastic! O.o
  • zim_ulator 1.3.2010
    Most excellent!
  • dinnho 28.2.2010
  • mariofsa20 20.2.2010
    very cool, amazing!!! uauuuuuuuuu
  • menelion 7.2.2010
  • Twizz 29.1.2010
    Wow im impressed!
  • Ambrosius77 27.1.2010
    No, there is no such option in Stripgenerator. It was made by masking out shapes slowly and painfully from different colored shapes. unfortunatelly there is no such masking option in this new engine.
  • gizmomogwai 27.1.2010
    What features do you use to get this detail? Are you creating in Paint and then pasting it in?
  • EINNDC 27.1.2010
    I'ts indescriptible!!! Beautiful!! And a lot of work...
  • Yosarian 26.1.2010
    Wow. I'd like to have your patience :)
  • camilon 26.1.2010
    Excelent. Your strips are just fantastic!
  • MandyElectric505 16.1.2010
    damnit!!! ambros! why are your strips so awesome!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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