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Ninja Mirror Fighting

Ambrosius77 on 14. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

Ninja Mirror Fighting
  • Description

    I am a big fan of martial arts. This strip also my tribute to the Greatest Martial Artist.
    I do not want to write names, because I think everyone has its own favorites. But this world would be poorer without those men and women.

    Maybe my last strip wont make any feelings in SG Girls, so I made this strip.
    Also I think I have reached the end of possibilities with masking. I can't really make more detailed strips than this.


    There are 4 or 5 layers for body tones one extra layers for hair, clothes, eye that not blured (it looks better without blur)
    One layer for coloring the body and one extra layer around the contours with big blur for the aura look.
    Copying even the body between the two frames made Firefox hanging a bit. I am scared at that point. I have lost one Stellar Savants strip already this way.
    A mirror frame uses a blue layer on top of the whole frame instead the red layer.
    The Fuyijama strip used more layers(using several white layers too) but to tell the truth it does not worth it. So only 7-8 layers the max I can use but seems It is enough.

    This strip is a reply to Half Nude Ninja Girl, SGG II: Akio character sheet., Weird Amish Yankovic, N"EEEEEEE!"ja, Reflection
    Ninja, colors, Masking, Ambrosius77
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  • Casostrano 22.11.2011
    I can't belive it!
  • gregheffleydude1 15.10.2011
    They see each other through the frames! :-)))))
  • Daxter 6.6.2010
  • phpboxxx 3.6.2010
    your technique is interesting, keep going
  • Maoriman 2.6.2010
    How come I never commented on this one?
    Brilliant work...
  • MZZA 2.6.2010
  • abrotons 26.4.2010
  • Veronique 26.4.2010
  • Marle 25.4.2010
    ohmy, amazing detail on the body, i love it!
  • JRMarklin 25.4.2010
    The definition of the muscle groups is very good.

    La definición de los grupos musculares es muy buena.
  • dinnho 28.2.2010
  • mariofsa20 20.2.2010
    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100
  • kennyreid 15.1.2010
    very well done champ
  • hansolo 15.1.2010
    Really impressive.
    Very good.
  • Ambrosius77 15.1.2010
    @mezmezmez: sok, nagyon sok.
    De nem olyan sok, mintha kis pici vonalakból kellett volna összerakni...
  • dawg123 15.1.2010
    Congrats on being bribed it looks amazing!!!!!!!! you should do a Bruce Lee one...if you want to
  • zodiac6 15.1.2010
    isnt fightin' with mirrors like 7 yrs bad luck...good job ....
  • Flash 15.1.2010
    Awesome XD
  • jZeno 15.1.2010
    congrats on bribed! double-ninja style > ]
  • Maoriman 15.1.2010
    Amazing work - even for you. I can't give enough pluses for this - WOW!

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