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Habitat Against Humanity - Interview 1 Part 1

Maoriman on 3. Jan, 2010 — Lang: English

Habitat Against Humanity - Interview 1 Part 1
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  • romygv 6.3.2010
    I ♥ Animal! :D
  • Mrnuke 4.1.2010
  • jZeno 4.1.2010
    grats on bribed : ]
  • dawg123 4.1.2010
    Congrats on bribe!
  • Horatius 4.1.2010
    Damn, nice looking Animal, there!
  • dawg123 4.1.2010
    They dont know what happenend it was in there dreams they were paying attention to boobies
  • Flamingdeath 4.1.2010
    Invesigate the guy who looks like one of the muppets!!!!!!Or was that seseme street..............
  • jZeno 3.1.2010
    i think animal is suspicious... he breaks things all the time...
  • kennyreid 3.1.2010
    Like the name checkn. This is gna be a sweet series!
  • terwallace 3.1.2010
    Dude, you just made my day! I'm still laughing! (Heh, also looks like I'm to blame for a lot what goes on around here...weird!)
  • Dorota 3.1.2010
    Pie, pie, pie ;-D
  • DepresiveNeko 3.1.2010
    stop investigate!
    pie is lie!
  • Streetin 3.1.2010
    I have an alibi...I wasn't in town, like I was my twin brother...umm...Fargus...yes, yes, his name is Fargus! What kind of name is Fargus?!?
  • SnakeYukin 3.1.2010
    Animal could never be a zombie... he eats anything.

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