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Down But Not Out

terwallace on 27. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

Down But Not Out
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    We're back! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

    And now the fun begins. In the coming days, you'll learn a little bit more about that Mclaren Fortune I spoke of once or twice before. And more importantly, you'll learn just what's been bugging Wesley, and what Grandpa's been up too! (Of course, you'll also learn the true joy of the Wii, the perils of Musical theater, and how a single act can be the kindest and cruelest thing possible at the same time.)

    I have this remarkeable urge to say " And Here...We...Go..."

    See you in 24.

    Evil Overlord, Tequila Monsters, Kate
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  • Maoriman 28.12.2009
    Sounds bad very bad... for the HAH crew that is...
  • jZeno 27.12.2009
    tequila ninja!!! he looks way too familiar > ]
  • dawg123 27.12.2009
    Haha the tequilla monsters

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