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A Hunter's Christmas- Natalia (Bomb style)

jZeno on 20. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

A Hunter's Christmas- Natalia (Bomb style)
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    The Hunters…Original Story arc by Neochomik…
    Natalia character design by DepresiveNeko

    Text: *Click* KABOOM.
    Happy Holidays…or else…

    The Hunters Girls don’t rest up over the Holidays, its work time for them : ] Here Natalia has just taken out a corrupt counter-government espionage ring with ties to the mafia, ex-FBI and yakuza. They were having a Christmas party…moral: never let your guard down…

    I was planning on drawing the three Hunters girls, but it took so long to get Natalia right I had to scale back the shot, so maybe I will draw Mai and Georgette later on.


    PS: Natalia is wearing contacts in this scene (she usually wears glasses) to assume another identity.

    This strip is a reply to Christmas Girl (contest)
    neko, neochomik, hunters, christmas
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