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Pie...James Pie

terwallace on 10. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

Pie...James Pie
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    This is the stuff that goes on inside my head. (And hopefully you've seen enough James Bond movies to get the joke!)

    And who knows? Maybe I've just sparked some kind of huge Stripgenerator pie fight. (Because that wouldn't be totally awesome. Not. At. All.)

    We'll just have to wait and see...But I'd be ready to duck, just in case!

    See you tomorrow.

    Pie, James Bond. 007, Connor
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  • Maoriman 14.12.2009
    THAT is awesome work!
  • jZeno 10.12.2009
    haha...perfect joke execution there : ] pie execution? whoa O_O an SG pie fight contest... now there's a thought...

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