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Vampyressa Chronicles: First Battle...

jZeno on 10. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

Vampyressa Chronicles: First Battle...
  • Description

    Vampyressa Chronicles: The story of a vampire princess who ran away from home...

    Initiation to Battle

    The demon birds / Make shrill their cry
    to test your will, your striving way.
    You but stare on …caught between childhood and rage..
    driven by a blood’s demand, never to falter, never to die.

    This is also not in the current continuity of story. It is a scene from when Vampyressa is 16 years old and is being initiated into demon-battle by herself in a cave nearby to the kingdom of Corfiria full of dangerous demon-birds and other creatures. This was her first real battle. She does not remember it fondly, as she very nearly died.

    Thnkx4reading : ]

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  • bluesockmonkey 4.7.2011
    innovative action!
  • piposkj 14.12.2009
    Nice flashback!
  • Dorota 11.12.2009
    .(´`☆.¸(``☆.¸ ¸.☆`´)¸.☆`´)
    ☆ «´¨ `☆ beautiful ☆´¨`» ☆
    .( ¸.☆`´(¸.☆`´ `☆.¸)``☆.¸)
  • benno950 11.12.2009
  • zodiac6 11.12.2009
    i know how she feels i have to drive home from work every nite....; )
  • Flamingdeath 11.12.2009
    Never to die?Awsome!!
  • dawg123 10.12.2009
    Awsome!! She is one fierce woman
  • terwallace 10.12.2009
    She may not like thinking about it, but she looked cool doing it regardless!
  • shod0001 10.12.2009
    nice imagery.
  • SnakeYukin 10.12.2009
    Ah, a prequel.

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