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Comet and North Star

Ambrosius77 on 9. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

Comet and North Star
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    I have a story in my mind. Do not excpect classic western. There is a reason why I strip reply for a while nowadays...

    This is my first horse I drawned. I need develop my drawning skills because I do not drawn a single line since 10 years. Also I need some more precise base for masking, because right now I can drawn small precise lines, but the final result will be nothing or a dot right now...
    I also made some experiment with buildin stars from the smallest objects. I shared the result in my stuff. Also downloaded Google Earth and made study about sky maps. It will be nearly impossible, but I expect nice result with the combination of small white objects and masked dots.

    I am still sketching for a while. Stay tuned.

    I also need some feedback because at the moment It is very hard to me making more than one panel, because when I finished my first panel the next panel shadow grid need to be make on the top of the first panel and I hardly even seen what am I doing. That's why my 10k strip second panel looks like melted a bit.
    If it is not a big minus to me drawning the strip by frame to frame then the final result would be better.

    This strip is a reply to North Star concepts, A Cowboy series!?
    Comet, Stars, Ambrosius77, STELLAR SAVANTS
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