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The Hunters - Operation "Chaos Butterfly" - 2

jZeno on 5. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

The Hunters - Operation "Chaos Butterfly" - 2
  • Description

    The Hunters - Operation "Chaos Butterfly" – 2: Original story by Neochomik

    Text reads: Meanwhile, in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, NY
    Georgette: What is taking Natalia and Mai so long? I could have hijacked five planes from Tokyo by now.
    G: What? I guess that's them. Geez they could have called me. Coming! Enough with the doorbell! Youre' gonna break it!
    G: What the hell? Shadow. Redface? Why are you guys here?!
    Shadow: Neo wants us to work with you...on operation "chaos butterfly."
    And so begins a side-quest in the Hunters universe. If you remember, Mai Hayashi has just been finally erased and she and Natalia are on their way to NY from Tokyo. What is operation “chaos butterfly” all about? Find out next time : )

    Note: The Hunters work together by necessity but there are a lot of rivalries between them…and some of them have bad blood going way back…

    To Neo: This is just a side-quest to your story so if you need to call out any of the characters just go for it and I will write it in that they got called up.

    Character designs by: Georgette/Grave – Noonie; Shadow – Streetin; Redface – Dawg123

    streetin, neochomik, hunters, yakuza, manga, dawg123, neko, action, noonie
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  • bluesockmonkey 4.7.2011
    ooo cool characters!
  • piposkj 13.12.2009
    I'm silently staying tuned...!
  • piposkj 7.12.2009
    Great! And congrats for alpha!!!!
  • zodiac6 6.12.2009
    nice redo on the feet....
  • shod0001 6.12.2009
    so much fun i love it i really like all the little labels
  • billyt97 6.12.2009
    Awesome thats a cool comic and a cool serious to
  • dawg123 5.12.2009
    Wow I really like how you did my character redface
  • SnakeYukin 5.12.2009
    Great as always.
  • Streetin 5.12.2009
    Wow! You recreated my hunter superbly!
  • Ambrosius77 5.12.2009
    Superb as allways and grat for being alpha.
    I have written a letter to Andrez about November alpha user mystery .
    After 4 days he answered and repaired it. So use it plz.

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