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Tutorial: Basic Color Chart

Ambrosius77 on 1. Dec, 2009 — Lang: English

Tutorial: Basic Color Chart
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    I made this tutorial for the newbies for helping them. The forum is ugly and very well hidden.
    I also made Advanced tutorial with almost every combination of the colors. As you can see sometimes there aren't very big differences and It is matter that you put the color on or under an other color.


    There are only 2 basic color for a starter:

    BLACK: Using opacity you can make GREY.

    RED: using opacity you can make PINK

    +1 COLOR:
    WHITE: invert black shape you got it. You cannot change its opacity then only if you group 2 white object together.

    BLUE: easier way to make one alpha user your friend. I am not at the moment and not every alpha user share blue. You can become an alpha user if your strip blog in the top five blog that got the most visits in the month (well, that should be, but strange things happens)


    BROWN: Black shape and a 50-60% opacity red shape on it make brown

    GREEN: there is no green, only greenish it is black and blue mixed together somehow (100% Blue under an 50-60% opacity black).

    VIOLET: Blue and Red together can do violet. For example 70% opacity blue on a 100% opacity red

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