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Darth Vader in 15 minutes

Ambrosius77 on 25. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Darth Vader in 15 minutes
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    My comp getting hanging up. Too much object for SG engine.

    Thank you very much for the votes, Actualy i messed up the last panel a bit. I have losed details there.

    The Angel"s picture made by the same techique, but less layers and I do not know how I made the wings.
    I am drawing a mask but no eraser funkcion except the undo,but that is slow, so I try to made it in one seat. I could't do that wings again.
    I cannot save the final art to my stuff because when I ungroup the masking grid stuff I lose the drawned mask (and the picture too).
    So It is one time only art.

    portrait, help, tutorial, Ambrosius77, masking, Darth Vader
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