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Vampyressa Chronicles Sketchbook - Gothic Lolita

jZeno on 17. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Vampyressa Chronicles Sketchbook - Gothic Lolita
  • Description

    Vampyressa Chronicles: The story of a vampyre princess who ran away from home...

    Poem/Text reads:

    In a world so far away, you coarse, a princess proud,
    made fatal blood you flee the crown and throw your life to fate…
    and will you fall and will you flee or will you visiting remorse,
    return upon black wings to whence your birth mother did toil…
    no one knows, yea no one will until your years have drunk their fill.

    It's been a while since I drew vampyressa so I thought I would go back. This turned out pretty nice. It is done in a kind of air-brush style, the blurring tool really is almost like air-brush if you work with it. Takes a while though : ]

    If you are not familiar with the vampyressa chronicles story please click back through my blog, it is a fun and dramatic story, i think, about dealing with life. I am going to get back to it soon after I finish wolf-knight.

    Thanks to Kennyreid for shading techniques and lighting techniques and to ambrosius 77 for the very awesome rose!

    Thanks for reading : )

    Easter egg: She is holding a mini cat-demon. also I mispelled old-english "yea" as "yay" haha.

    ps: i'm gonna be out of town for 4 days so i may not be able to do high-detail stuff but will try to log in to keep up with all your strips. have fun...

    vampire, vampyressa chronicles, story, chronicles, gothic, vampyressa, series
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  • bluesockmonkey 4.7.2011
    wacky & fun design!
  • terwallace 18.11.2009
    Wow, how the heck did I mis this one? Great stuff, and congrats on a well deserved bribed!
  • mynola 18.11.2009
    Fantastic, congrats!
  • mynola 18.11.2009
    Fantastic, congrats!
  • Ambrosius77 18.11.2009
    Grat on bribed!
  • Spunkn 18.11.2009
    Oh wow! This is so fantastic! Great art! This is just awesome! Congrats on bribed! Sorry I missed this one!
  • dawg123 18.11.2009
    This is really nice and congrats on being bribed!
  • Flamingdeath 18.11.2009
    Awsome!And even though it's not really "actiony" you score major points for the contest.
  • kennyreid 17.11.2009
    wow, i got a credit!! i just read that, thanks my friend!
  • Lacri 17.11.2009
  • DepresiveNeko 17.11.2009
  • precel 17.11.2009
    sexy <3
  • SnakeYukin 17.11.2009
    Great work as usual.
  • kennyreid 17.11.2009
    damn good work jim
  • piposkj 17.11.2009
    Vampyressa is my favourite character. I'll stay tuned and wait.
  • Ambrosius77 17.11.2009
    And amazing. I cannot believe to my eyes! Gorgeous! Gyönyörű!
  • Ambrosius77 17.11.2009
    Beautiful!!!!! +
  • shod0001 17.11.2009
    wow i was on my way to bed and thought i check for anything new on sg and glad i did this so good i love thanks for making my day. ps have a good trip

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