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MtSG Legends#1: Kennyreid

Ambrosius77 on 13. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

MtSG Legends#1: Kennyreid
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  • stihl 2.12.2019
    Very cool
  • gregheffleydude1 15.10.2011
    Gratz on bribed!!!!!!!!!
  • abrotons 18.3.2010
    If you prepare a base, how do you save it for re-using?
  • lama 14.11.2009
    cool decrets :)
  • Lacri 14.11.2009
    Wow, wow, wow...
    These cards are really amazing!!
    What a great idea!!!
  • jZeno 14.11.2009
    congrats on bribed...
  • jZeno 14.11.2009
    excellent idea...these rare cards would all fetch a high price i believe on the black market > )
  • dawg123 13.11.2009
    Wow cool cards that would be cool if you do other people also!
  • mynola 13.11.2009
    Is it green or am I dreaming?
  • Spunkn 13.11.2009
    That's awesome! An SG card game would be very cool!
  • Megafire 13.11.2009
    That's pretty cool.
  • Ambrosius77 13.11.2009
    kenny: lol, I am an informatic engineer IRL, maybe that was one of my dirty trick... :D
    Well. Calm down and save often.:D Anyway I do not have real avatar yet, I just opened the generator to create one.
  • kennyreid 13.11.2009
    ok i made yours, i finished it, then my comp decided to be a wally and lost it, im too annoyed with it to restart the now, so your gonna have to wait while i calm down
  • shod0001 13.11.2009
    that the coolest
  • piposkj 13.11.2009
    that's really a great project!
  • precel 13.11.2009
    holy shit, you>>>>>>>>spunk>>>>>>all(xD)
  • SirLancelot 13.11.2009
    I need that sorcery card. How much?
  • SnakeYukin 13.11.2009
    Wow, great cards... though I never really got into the card stuff.
  • Ambrosius77 13.11.2009
    Kenny, we could do it together. It is a very hard and long project, every help matters.
  • kennyreid 13.11.2009

    im a bit conflicted here....

    i was gonna do the damn battle card of SG characters (damn you and your lighting fingers!!!)

    on the other im quite touched.

    damn, thank you

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