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Haiku 91 - It just wont stop

betheroni701 on 12. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Haiku 91 - It just wont stop
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    Over Sharers make it uncomfortable at the bar. haha.

    It wont Stop, Haiku, Life Story
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  • mynola 18.12.2009
    She must kiss him , always anyway!
  • terwallace 12.11.2009
    At that point return the favor, only make up the most awkward and bizarre life story possible. See how long you can make him suffer! Also, welcome back!
  • SnakeYukin 12.11.2009
    Just tune him out and nod your head.
  • kennyreid 12.11.2009
    yeah tell them off, of meet the dark ones who broud
  • Lacri 12.11.2009
    Damn, I hate that!
  • Spunkn 12.11.2009
    Hahaha! Don't be so damned nice and just tell him to shut up! Seriously it works!
  • jZeno 12.11.2009
    hahaha : ) there's always at least one of those in the place...
  • shod0001 12.11.2009
    well what do you expect your the cutest girl in the place.

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