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Haiku 90 - Oh crap

betheroni701 on 12. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Haiku 90 - Oh crap
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    Bad execution since its pretty basic but gets the point across I think.

    Oh Crap, Haiku, Meltdown
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  • terwallace 12.11.2009
    I am now on a mission to use the words "Nuclear Haiku" in a sentence today.
  • SnakeYukin 12.11.2009
    Welcome back... and that's why you don't press buttons.
  • kennyreid 12.11.2009
    oh ho, shes back!!!!!!!!!! how did you get that font????
  • Spunkn 12.11.2009
    Ah cowgirl hence the big plaid shirt!
  • Spunkn 12.11.2009
    Well at least the lights came back on! Cute profile pic! Went as Wendy for Halloween?!
  • jZeno 12.11.2009
    betheroni is back! yeah! yeah! yeah! : ) so good to see you...very funny nuclear-haiku style...
  • shod0001 12.11.2009
    sometimes basic is best

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