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A Universe is Born

Ambrosius77 on 11. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

A Universe is Born
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  • jZeno 11.11.2009
    you should write the poem in your native language and just paste it in the text area...some people have their browsers to translate automatically...others can just use babel-fish...
  • jZeno 11.11.2009
    excellent work...really effective realism and lighting
  • Spunkn 11.11.2009
    Brilliant! Beautiful! Amazing!
  • kennyreid 11.11.2009
    well this is getting bribed
  • camilon 11.11.2009
    Wowwww that is awesome!! I love it! And.. Wich is your mother language?
  • lama 11.11.2009 micro-macro space
  • Lacri 11.11.2009
    It is gorgeous!!
    I love the rose... and the galaxy...
  • Streetin 11.11.2009
    Well done my friend, this deserves a bribed!
  • millefeuilles 11.11.2009
  • piposkj 11.11.2009
    This is really beautiful!!!! And... regarding the poem, try to write it in your own language and we can try to translate it all together...! It would not be the same, this is the reason why it should be in your mother tongue...
  • kennyreid 11.11.2009've bested me........
    .....i could never do a rose right, i kept trying to make it too realistic, but you got it in a t.......
  • Ambrosius77 11.11.2009
    Neo: I think so...
  • SirLancelot 11.11.2009
  • SnakeYukin 11.11.2009
  • Ambrosius77 11.11.2009
    I wanted to write a poem for this, but English is not my mother language.

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