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The Mechanical Wings Of Earth - Sketchbook

Spunkn on 9. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

The Mechanical Wings Of Earth - Sketchbook
  • Description

    Text Reads:
    In nightmares we try to fly on wings of metal,
    The bloom has wilted and has lost another petal.
    They leave, she doesn't say good bye,
    Wings of metal are too heavy to fly.
    Broken and wilted and sad and jaded,
    Stranded alone, into oblivion faded.
    *Done hopefully in JZeno style, with a touch of Robukka, and a bad poem by Spunkn!
    Check out JZeno and all the amazing stuff here:
    And if you're looking for some new tracks to listen to and want a great visual to go with it check Robukka out here:

    This strip is a reply to The mechanical wings of heaven - sketchbook 1
    Spunkn, Robukka, JZeno
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