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Dial-up SUCKS!!!

funnypapers_12 on 9. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Dial-up SUCKS!!!
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  • Roly2010 19.4.2010
    Try BT Broadband.
    It would be cleaner !
  • Maoriman 31.12.2009
    Waaaaaahhhhhh you poor bugger!
  • dawg123 18.11.2009
    Haha i hate it to!
  • SnakeYukin 9.11.2009
    Yeah, I had it for the longest time. I just recently got DSL this summer.
  • Lacri 9.11.2009
  • jZeno 9.11.2009
    wow, i feel your pain...but you still get to hear beeee--- oooopp... skeeeee ....barang ...barang- uuuhhhhh ....every time you dian-up! nobody else gets to hear that anymore : ) i miss that sound. yeah i am old skool...
  • Spunkn 9.11.2009
    I didn't think dial up still existed!

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