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Riddle Me This 3 Answer

SnakeYukin on 9. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

Riddle Me This 3 Answer
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    Stephen: Apparently my last riddle was easy. Nearly all of you got it correct.
    Stephen: Now a King of Hearts is a better man than a Jack in cards.
    Stephen: The first to answer right was Spunkn. So congrats to him... but don't expect the next one to be as easy.

    Yes, I will try to make the next one much harder than this one. The one I'm thinking of right now will be harder than the second one most likely. Then again, I could be wrong.

    And I forgot to have a strip reply to my original riddle for once.

    Batman, Riddler, Snake, Yukin, Answer, Riddle, Riddle Me This, Riddles, Snake Yukin, SnakeYukin
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  • piposkj 9.11.2009
    I am always late...!
  • Lacri 9.11.2009
    Congrats Spunkn!
  • Spunkn 9.11.2009
    I still liked Lacri's answer better!
  • dawg123 9.11.2009
    Yes I got it but instead of easy will you put it to very easy!?!
  • jZeno 9.11.2009
    i'll try to be earlier to the next one...i keep getting beat to the buzzer : )

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