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The mechanical wings of heaven - sketchbook 1

jZeno on 8. Nov, 2009 — Lang: English

The mechanical wings of heaven - sketchbook 1
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    Text reads: In dreams we fly on wings made of metal
    Shining like burning dragons in the sky
    We hammer existence from nothing
    in the furnace of blades create thee
    Just had insomnia so i thought i would draw something : ) I might make this an ongoing non-narrative sketchbook series...there is a girl here who may or may not be the seems she has lost a wing...she lives in a future world where human flight is possible but at a terrible cost...please imagine your own stories to go along with the images : ) that thing with her may or may not be her personal combat android (PCA) whom she is attached to like an old friend...

    see you later...

    PS: This was actually inspired by some strips robukka was doing today...

    mechanical wings
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