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Who will save us now?

Matzuo on 19. Oct, 2009 — Lang: English

Who will save us now?
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    I'm the happiest kid in the block hahaha cause some days ago i bought at last Watchmen on DVD, great isn't it? I love the comic... or graphic novel (i think thats an euphemism but what can i say) and the film is great.

    movies, fun, comics
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  • Matzuo 20.10.2009
    Thanks all of you for your comments, is nice to see you all again
  • Ambrosius77 20.10.2009
    Who watches the Watchmen?
  • wich 20.10.2009
    Hallo :-D

    Wellcome back!!!
  • Dorota 20.10.2009
    hello :)
    Nice to see you again.
  • Maoriman 19.10.2009
    Suh - weet!
  • Robukka 19.10.2009
    is top! +
  • Spunkn 19.10.2009
    Yeah, The Watchmen is great! Fantastic job on this!
  • Streetin 19.10.2009
    Cool! That book was great!

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