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unplugged ;]

Dorota on 15. Oct, 2009 — Lang: English

unplugged ;]
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    During the last few days I and my son were ill. Later it snowed and for almost two days we didn't have the electricity. I didn't think, that (in spite of the inconvenience) it great moments can be.

    people, kreska
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  • jZeno 19.10.2009
    good to see happiness old skool style : ) nothing beats family time...
  • kennyreid 18.10.2009
    aaaawwwww thats so sweet
  • dawg123 18.10.2009
    That is nice!!
  • qenene 16.10.2009
    Happines is this :)
  • ababol 16.10.2009
  • wich 16.10.2009
    Old traditions are back! :-D
  • Ambrosius77 16.10.2009
    I love your art!
  • lama 16.10.2009
    vítej ve středověku .)
  • MadameCercle 16.10.2009
    POY !
  • MadameCercle 16.10.2009
    Le strip que vous tirez de cette "aventure" est superbe.
  • Jevoux 15.10.2009
    you gotta be kidding me. The drawing is awesome, great style.
    I hope both of you get better soon, but still have a lot of fun! =)
  • Spunkn 15.10.2009
    Fantastic! I'm glad you enjoyed your power outage! Usually that's when I tell scary stories and sneak up on people, but your way is good too!
  • Maoriman 15.10.2009
    Finding joy during inconvenience - fantastic Dorota - and I mimic shod0001 thanks for sharing a part of your life with us...
  • MandyElectric505 15.10.2009
    well isnt this the cutest strip blog ever...
  • Streetin 15.10.2009
    How sweet Dorota! The best times AREN'T spend on the computer...
  • shod0001 15.10.2009
    thats nice thank you for sharing a part of your life with us
  • razornetout 15.10.2009
    Oh whenever such thing would happen here at home, we'd play doing shadows on the walls with the help of a candle ^^'
  • Dorota 15.10.2009
    @ SnakeYukin

    When the light comes on, we did not spend so much time together.
    Too bad. I think I will try to change it.
  • SnakeYukin 15.10.2009
    Surprisingly, great moments can be found... then the tedium goes back when the lights go on.
  • margita 15.10.2009
    This is so true... Only when you don't have internet (current) you appreciate time spent together... in 100%

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