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funnypapers_12 on 10. Oct, 2009 — Lang: English

Update Status via Mobile
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    Only through Facebook can one conquer death

    umdate, status, via, facebook
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  • Maoriman 14.10.2009
    This could be the start of a good series...
  • jZeno 14.10.2009
    good to hear : ) had us all worried there...
  • funnypapers_12 11.10.2009
    I'm not going anywhere
  • Spunkn 10.10.2009
    We'll dig you up and put your brains into a monster!
  • Streetin 10.10.2009
    Nooo!.....hehe...Everybody's been dead on SG before, but somehow they always come back...
  • Lacri 10.10.2009
    We'll pray for your soul!
  • SnakeYukin 10.10.2009
    It's all Facebook's fault!
  • dawg123 10.10.2009
    Funnypapers is dead!?!

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