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Haiku 89 - Rainy Day

betheroni701 on 3. Oct, 2009 — Lang: English

Haiku 89 - Rainy Day
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    Its a rainy day here and I'm stoked about Fall starting but I'm in the mood for a game of clue and so I Haiku-ed it since I can't play it now. :))

    Thanks to Dorota for the Blue!

    Haiku, Clue, Rainy Day
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  • jZeno 5.10.2009
    rainy days are all about staying in and playing clue : ) i always thought it was colonel mustard with the rope...
  • shod0001 5.10.2009
    that pervert!
  • terwallace 5.10.2009
    A Clue Haiku! Sweet! Though I love the movie more than the game...Tim Curry rules!
  • Dorota 4.10.2009
    I like this strip ... and I like rain :)
  • Streetin 4.10.2009
    I love playing clue!
  • kennyreid 4.10.2009
    he was mister green when he went in, but came out mr claret.

    in UK its called Cluedo, dont know why
  • Maoriman 4.10.2009
  • Spunkn 4.10.2009
    Haha! In all the times I have played, I don't think Mr. Green ever did it! But here it is!~
  • SnakeYukin 3.10.2009
    This reminds me I once had a teacher named Mr. Green.

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