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Haiku 88 - Or slow it down at least???

betheroni701 on 2. Oct, 2009 — Lang: English

Haiku 88 - Or slow it down at least???
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  • i_am_awesome 21.10.2011
  • betheroni701 3.10.2009
    Thank you guys so much! xoxo to all you SG-ians.
  • Dorota 3.10.2009
    In Poland we are naming it "devil's mill".
    Sometimes life really reminds them.
  • Maoriman 3.10.2009
    Congratulations on Bribed...
  • kennyreid 3.10.2009
    congrats on the bribe bethiboo
  • Spunkn 3.10.2009
    There are plenty of ways to get off, but I don't know about your toy there!
  • shod0001 3.10.2009
    nice job congrats
  • jZeno 2.10.2009
    ah life...the eternal wheel...sometimes up sometimes down...never ceasing its endless toil! paraphrasing hamlet or somebody : ) great strip...
  • terwallace 2.10.2009
    Many, many are the times when I've yelled "Stop the world! I wanna get off!
  • qenene 2.10.2009
    The owner of the Ferrys wheel will get you off for you if you don't buy another ticket ;P
  • Maoriman 2.10.2009
    Some people never get on it...
  • SnakeYukin 2.10.2009
    Well, you can never get off.
  • funnypapers_12 2.10.2009
    I hate the ferris wheel!!! its so high up and so slow and then the seats swing at the same time....
  • Streetin 2.10.2009
    Jump off!
  • kennyreid 2.10.2009
    hmmmm, i cant remember if you have read the dark tower books, but there is a reference to Ka (destiny) as being a wheel
  • chefgordie 2.10.2009
    I really hope one does not need help... getting off. Lol... sorry mind in the gutter!

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