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Spunkin Zero

Maoriman on 18. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

Spunkin Zero
  • Description

    He had been in love...before fate flew in and he became the anti-hero/fiend/ghoul/clown slayer we know today as Spunkin. This is his tale. Dare he tell it?

    maoriman, satire, spunkin
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  • jZeno 22.9.2009
    excellent sketch style...
  • dawg123 20.9.2009
  • lama 20.9.2009
  • funnypapers_12 19.9.2009
  • Bolumbero 19.9.2009
    Congrat.. congrat... congrat !!!
  • Lacri 19.9.2009
    This is an absolutely beautiful strip!
  • bluesockmonkey 19.9.2009
    congratulations on Bribed for a wonderful strip--it is so cool to have mine next to yours! And i cannot wait for further installments of this series!!!
  • phlybynight 19.9.2009
    wonderful job!!
  • betheroni701 19.9.2009
    This is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on Bribed!!!
  • mockturtle666 19.9.2009
    Ah, young love.
  • Spunkn 19.9.2009
    Congratulations on bribed! I'm glad this one got it!
  • Streetin 18.9.2009
    Maybe you could actually tell it and make strips about it...
  • Fablion 18.9.2009
    Striking !!!!
  • Spunkn 18.9.2009
    I keep coming back to this one, it really is a beautiful strip!
  • Dorota 18.9.2009
    (¸¸.•´*`•» beautiful ♥
  • Spunkn 18.9.2009
    You got it right down, even the shaggy hair I had back then! I don't know that it's a tale I want to tell right now. I'll think about it.
  • terwallace 18.9.2009
    Wait, and you say I'M the one building up anticipation? Ha! This is gonna be good! Excellent strip, and excellent start to the tale!
  • camdizzle 18.9.2009
    I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Great job! ++
  • Lacri 18.9.2009
    WOW! The drawing is amazing.
    And the story... is so romantically sad...
    Please, tell us!
  • shod0001 18.9.2009
    wow sounds like a new soap, as the spunkin turns. very nice art work.

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