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Philosophy 101: Truth--and consequences

bluesockmonkey on 18. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

Philosophy 101: Truth--and consequences
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    Will Lady Macbeth sock puppet win the game?

    To win the motorcycle, tell us: Who offed Princess Diana?

    David Icke?

    Sorry, it was the Duke of Edinburgh! But thanks for playing--

    Hey, lady--put down that knife! Owwwwww!! Come back here--somebody STOP her!!!


    Out, damned spot!

    David Icke makes a good living from his books & lectures claiming the British royal family is actually alien-reptilian in origin. Possibly he's correct.

    [This is part 4 of a series that began Sept 16.]

    [Thanks Neochomik & Dorota for color. And, Phlybynight--uh--about your motorcycle...]

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