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It was a dark night

qenene on 14. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

It was a dark night
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  • Raspotin 21.3.2010
    Hahaha, thanks for the reply!
  • planseldon 15.9.2009
    Está muy bien el gorro de la legión extranjera xD
  • akrimony 15.9.2009
    brilliant... :) i like!
  • Maoriman 14.9.2009
    Great reply.
  • jZeno 14.9.2009
    the words at the corner say "Eat at Moe's" ...i had to quint really, really hard... >_< (squint face)
  • phlybynight 14.9.2009
    Bwahahahaha...great reply!! Serious smack down!
  • Spunkn 14.9.2009
    Hahaha! That's great! I wonder what the word at the bottom corner is?!

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