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Moonshine on Water

bluesockmonkey on 14. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

Moonshine on Water
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  • Tproductions 20.7.2011
    Great :D!
  • mdaukulis 8.7.2011
  • Fizzle 5.6.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 29.5.2011
    oooo ahhhh
  • benjamin895 24.5.2011
    sweet as!
  • bluesockmonkey 24.5.2011
    @Veronique: that is such a lovely & perceptive poem--thank you!!!
  • Veronique 24.5.2011
    "Here are flowers and here is wine,
    But where’s a friend with me to join
    Hand in hand and heart to heart
    In one full cup before we part?

    Rather than to drink alone,
    I’ll make bold to ask the moon
    To condescend to lend her face
    The hour and the scene to grace.

    Lo, she answers, and she brings
    My shadow on her silver wings;
    That makes three, and we shall be.
    I ween, a merry company

    The modest moon declines the cup,
    But shadow promptly takes it up,
    And when I dance my shadow fleet
    Keeps measure with my flying feet.

    But though the moon declines to tipple
    She dances in yon shining ripple,
    And when I sing, my festive song,
    The echoes of the moon prolong.

    Say, when shall we next meet together?
    Surely not in cloudy weather,
    For you my boon companions dear
    Come only when the sky is clear."

  • imsandy 31.12.2010
  • rosieapples 12.2.2010
    Love this. :0)
  • betheroni701 2.10.2009
    Amazing. :)))
  • MadameCercle 16.9.2009
    Beau !
  • Dorota 15.9.2009
    * * *
  • qenene 15.9.2009
    It seems like for a Narciso's romance: the moon in love with its own reflect.
  • Bolumbero 14.9.2009
    Very, very .. .beautiful !!!
  • Spunkn 14.9.2009
    Beautiful! "Moonshine on Water" is also a southern term for smuggling jugs of moonshine!
  • SnakeYukin 14.9.2009
    And it is wonderful.
  • chefgordie 14.9.2009
    very cool.
  • lama 14.9.2009
    but nice.... and thanks for my color donators :×)
  • bluesockmonkey 14.9.2009
    lama--maybe a little melancholy...
  • Lacri 14.9.2009
    Wow... That's wonderful!
    It's really a beautiful landscape!
    Very very nice

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