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A Moon For Lacri

Spunkn on 9. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

A Moon For Lacri
  • Description

    1. The stars were already high in the sky,
    But the Moon was lost, she didn't know why.
    2. Friends came by, and kind words were spoken,
    It didn't help, for her Heart was broken.
    3. So I searched the night until I found the Moon,
    Here's for you, I hope your Heart will be fixed soon.
    *Check out Lacri's strip blog, she's been a little sad since she came home from Japan:

    This strip is a reply to The Moon
    Lacri, Spunkn, For You
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  • Fablion 13.9.2009
    Moonlight serenade !!!
  • jZeno 11.9.2009
    showing support for a indeed...
  • MandyElectric505 11.9.2009
    awwe! thats adorable!!!
    i luvs it!! >_<
  • shod0001 10.9.2009
    im all teared up over here
  • lama 10.9.2009
    great comedy :-)
  • Lacri 10.9.2009
    Congratulations on bribed. Thank you again for this lovely Moon.
    I can say that I'm a better.
  • Bolumbero 10.9.2009
    Congrat on bribed !!!
  • betheroni701 10.9.2009
    Listen to me, Spunkn. I'm a woman, of course I like your softer side. ;-)

    @Maori :P:P:P
  • Maoriman 10.9.2009
    Don't listen to Beth, Spunkin. She's a woman, of course she likes your softer side;-)
  • betheroni701 10.9.2009
    Congratulations on your softer side getting the Bribed Spunkn!!!
  • Maoriman 10.9.2009
    Congrats - NOW will the real spunkin take stage.
  • RetroCat 10.9.2009
  • bluesockmonkey 10.9.2009
    such a beautiful strip--congratulations on the Bribe!!!!
  • betheroni701 9.9.2009
    Spunkn, this is truly so very sweet. What a very special way to show your support. *Sigh* :)))
  • Maoriman 9.9.2009
    Wonderful Gesture... now what did you do with the real Spunkin?
  • MadameCercle 9.9.2009
    Trop beau ! Oui.
  • Bolumbero 9.9.2009
    I like that !!
    Bravo Spunkn for the strip !!!
  • Raspotin 9.9.2009
    Very sentimental...
  • phlybynight 9.9.2009
    very nice
  • terwallace 9.9.2009
    Cheer up Lacri!

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