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An Overused Device

terwallace on 1. Sep, 2009 — Lang: English

An Overused Device
  • Description's an overused device, but it works! And in the hierarchy of potential spirit guides, Kenny Rodgers is pretty high up. Kenny Loggins is pretty far down.

    Still, as to whether this is a flashback or something else, I'm not saying. I will say however, it could be anybody just off camera. Which is fun.

    Spunkn and Maori, thanks for joining up! Wanted to ask though, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to use you in a couple strips next week. The battle for the bar is coming up, and we could use a few hands...

    As for what form that may take? Let's just say I hope you're thirsty!

    1997, Connor, Rachel, Kenny Rodgers, Kenny Loggins, Flashback
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  • terwallace 2.9.2009
    Thanks guys, and back at ya!. Keep your eyes peeled next week, and you may see some familiar faces.
  • Maoriman 2.9.2009
    Mate, always welcome to use my stuff!
    I've actually been wanting to try and do a strip reply to some of your strips, but the dialouges are just so damn complex and great I daren't try.
  • Spunkn 1.9.2009
    You can use my stuff in your strips anytime!

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