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Bored In Hell

tuc0 on 22. Jun, 2007 — Lang: English

Bored In Hell
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  • Bastard 23.6.2007
    tuc0: Thanks for the comment in the Lenin strip!!
    Saludos desde Mexico!!
  • tuc0 22.6.2007
    atry: podívej na "tag cloud" ;D
    je to
  • atry 22.6.2007
    .bomba:) ...btw na jaky cesky stranky to davas?...+
  • tuc0 22.6.2007
    thx everybody! >:)

    Bastard: nope, I don't speak Spanish too well... `)
    I'm doing these strips as a daily comic strip for a Czech art/photography site. If I wasn't so lazy I'd do them in English and then change them to Czech in Photoshop... Even better would be if we could edit strips after publication so I could do several versions ;o)
  • OliverStrip 22.6.2007
    excellent! +
  • ASHA 22.6.2007
    Bravo tucO !
  • SenileDemon 22.6.2007
    Good one!
  • Bastard 22.6.2007
    Creo que tus tiras deben de ser bastante graciosas, solo puedo imaginar lo que dicen, las graficas estan poca madre jejeje!!!
    *Do you undestand something?, I wish I could read your other stuff...
  • Bastard 22.6.2007

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