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Le Avventure Di Darjpg77 & Ex (05)

DarkPg77 on 21. Jun, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Le Avventure Di Darjpg77 & Ex (05)
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    D: ok, we are arrived at the car.
    E: The car? but this one is not too little?
    D: Of course! I don't zoom in yet

    E: Ehi...but it is flying!
    D: Sure! otherwise the travel could be pretty long!

    homur, fun, Ex, darkpg77, humour
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  • ASHA 21.6.2007
    carino il nostro DarkPg77 stai giocando con altri bambini vicino alle giostre ? hi hi hi
  • ASHA 21.6.2007
    partite senza di me ? che maschilisti !

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