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Tarot #5

Varg on 20. Jun, 2007 — Lang: English

Tarot #5
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    Been away... and going away again tomorrow... but I´m still alive... here are three more tarot cards as a proof...

    Quite satisfied with the lot of them... Now there are just seven more to go... the seven most difficult... How the hell do you portray the hanged man without the man... and force without the lion and the woman... and so on...

    Bought a new deck of tarot cards recently... the cat tarot... hoping to find some inspiration from there...

    A great midsummer to everyone!!

    moon, major arcana, hermit, sun, tarot, varg
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  • abrotons 1.2.2014
  • aegir 3.7.2007
    like it..
    (though i don't like the moon so much..)
    but the wolf/dog is very cool!
  • mara 28.6.2007
  • Spigaw 21.6.2007
    Go on, it's great!
  • DarkPg77 21.6.2007
  • luluberyllium 21.6.2007
    the hermit one is cool
  • MadameCercle 20.6.2007
    Oui... vraiment bien !
    Et courage pour la suite !
    (Yes really indeed!
    And courage for the continuation !)

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