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Banana Terror

Raspotin on 16. Aug, 2009 — Lang: English

Banana Terror
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    This strip may looks crappy comparating to Spunkn strips, but its just a tribute to let you know that I see you! (I love to talk like a rapper!)

    1) "I am going to my home, where I will be secure and eat some bananas. See whats going on the television, take a bath and get some sleep!"

    "I was walking all happy, when I saw a weird guy, who asked me for the time. I said to him i had no watch, and he told me that had to go."

    2) " I hear weird noises, coming from behind me. When I turn around, I dont see no one. It is getting late and I should start running to my house, I think."

    3) "That sound comes again to my ears, but now when I turn, I see my whole life in a second, getting away from me."

    Spunkn, RAWR, Raspotin, Mad Dog, Terror, Banana-Men
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