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Maoriman's new face IV

Maoriman on 10. Aug, 2009 — Lang: English

Maoriman's new face IV
  • Description

    I chopped and I changed, I gave him his head,
    But no matter what I did, he remained dead.

    I felt bad, I felt pissed, there was no time to grieve,
    With Spunkin town in strife, I just had to leave.

    The last time I saw him, he was being dragged to hell,
    And that's where I bade him a warm farewell.

    Spunkin character, evil bat and bear mask - Spunkin himself.
    Skull figures - Golem the beast.
    Strange blue color - Similau the S.G color coordinator.

    This strip is a reply to Just Visiting Chapter 2: Scene 4: Misery All Aroun
    spunkin, maoriman, humor
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