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Mad Bananas.

Raspotin on 30. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

Mad Bananas.
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  • ShiltsMan 31.7.2009
    Thatll teach him to say ho and hi in consecutive sentances!
  • golem 30.7.2009
    you want to see mad bananas? check this out:

    it's from sesame's street (rua Sésamo - portuguese version).

    Lyrics translation:
    one banana
    two bananas
    one for me, another for you
    they are three or four
    even more bananas
    you'll never see a banana alone

    (how deep is that) ^^
  • Spunkn 30.7.2009
  • ASHA 30.7.2009
    Sempre guerra, è ora di pace !

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