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Micro$haft Fatal Error: (a)Live Support! (by Hanik

Hanike on 27. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

Micro$haft Fatal Error: (a)Live Support! (by Hanik
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    When a new Idioclient buy a PC from Micro$haft, he receives a "Starter Guide". That obscure doc has the "First Step" guide to capt..*cof-cof*.. to teach new PC users what are each part of Its new stuff.

    That begins with two very basic FAQ questions of what you should know about a PC:

    Q: Uncle Billie!! What is Hardware?
    A: "Hardware" is how is called each part of the PC that you will "gently" hit/kick/hit-with-a-baseball-bat-or-maybe-a-hammer/and-so-on during your entire infernal-together-life of maybe-if-you-are-lucky 2,3 years with it!

    Q: Uncle Billie!! Uncle Billiiee! What is Software?
    A: "Software" is how is called the thing that you'll scream-grumble-blame-huff-inveigh-scold-and-so-on all days and nights while it's "not-yet-crashed"!

    After some time of coac..*cof-cof*.. of HARD USAGE.. when the (an)user wants to return it and Micro$haft promises the refund, just in time to Ruindows detect the "damnation prohibited words" and contact the headquarter and... well, help to "refund" the unsatisfied user! =)

    Never believe in Micro$haft (a)Live Support's sweet words!

    Live Services, Geek, Micro$haft, Ruindows
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